Director Meg Rickards on the making of ‘Tess’

“I’m aware of it but I try and rise above it. Sometimes I just try and make more of an effort to win confidence and gain trust. I haven’t let it be an obstacle but I have been aware of a sort of insidious, low-lying subliminal attitude. It’s annoying that one has to compensate for being a woman.”

 – Meg Rickards on sexism in the film industry

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Tina-Louise Smith: Producer, editor, director, researcher, WOMAN


Image courtesy of Tina-Louise Smith

“I got to a stage where I was like, ‘Fuck this, I’ve had enough now. I’ve given it ten years, nothing is changing. I still can’t walk down the road without getting catcalled or go for a run by myself without feeling threatened. I need to do something.’”

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It’s not Love, Actually

It’s a classic film, one which many people love to cuddle up to and watch over Christmas time because who doesn’t love a good romance story?

But what if that romance story is really just a dedication to important men and how women’s lives essentially revolve around them? What if that tale of true love is really just a representation of weak women being of service to men? What if the film reinforces the idea that women are defined by their relationships to men?

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